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Salty and Sweet


 The marriage of salty and sweet is one that shouldn't work, but magically and deliciously does . Sucré Sally’s [soo-kre sah-ley], JarBar's latest line of salty sweet confections, are gourmet hand-crafted, chocolate covered pretzels beautifully adorned with a variety of delectable details, innovative combinations and eye catching embellishment.   Each artistic, edible masterpiece is lovingly made using the finest ingredients and beautifully packaged for a memorable impression. 

 Too much sugar is overly intense and too much salt simply tastes terrible. But when you mix the two, the combination is heavenly.    




  Sucré Sally’s are customizable and ideal for every event and occasion.  Sucré Sally’s have made appearances from private functions and corporate events to holiday gifting.  Dipa and Sprinkles of ANY shade to match your event theme. Whether you want to wish that special someone a Happy Birthday, Be My Valentine, a Thank you gift, or “just because”… Sucré Sally will create the ultimate in salty sweet gifting.    

Savoring the Science of Salty and Sweet

What is the science behind this phenomenon?

Salt isn't just a nutrient either; it's a flavor enhancer. So it stands to reason that if you mix sugar and salt, the salt enhances the sugar flavor. Chefs call this “flavor layering” and the right mix -- not too sweet and not too salty -- gives your brain a positive biological response. 

Another reason we love sweet and salty is a brain experience called sensory specific satiety. Because humans are omnivores, we are wired to desire a variety of foods and tastes. Eventually we tire of the same taste over and over again. If you constantly gorge yourself with sweets and only sweets, at some point you'll lose your taste for them. The same goes for salty. However with flavor layering, flavors meld together in your mouth without giving you a specific taste. 

By avoiding sensory specific satiety, Sucré Sally keeps you coming back for more. 


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